Sustainability is primarily a business ethic

Sustainability is our basic way of working, based on a real and well-established environmental philosophy, cultivated from years of good practise. We want to share and publicise our philosophy, so that sustainability becomes a daily habit for others, as it is for ourselves. Sustainability means for us the involvement of the greatest number of persons, workers, clients and service providers, working towards a common aim. We encourage many small initiatives, which through their daily actions gives a new awareness. Some concrete examples?

  • We heat with two biomass boilers.
  • Two wood stoves support the heating.
  • We produce a part of the electricity with solar panels.
  • We use electricity that comes from 100% renewable sources.
  • We use eco-save bulbs
  • We separate collection of rubbish.
  • We use step-down water flow adaptors.
  • We use eco-friendly cleaners.
  • We support a low impact agriculture system and we use many organic products. We want to be informed consumers and hoteliers. We want to encourage a food chain focused on quality and health. Through our job, we are able to help with pleasure, people who cultivate with a certain philosophy, love and respect. We hope to influence our guests in this direction, because the way we feed ourselves decides, in great measure, the use we make of our world and what will be of it.
  • We support 'Slow Food'
  • We support 'Emergency'
  • We try to create a peaceful climate, sharing our thoughts and our world vision.
    A good environmental policy certainly produces positive results, however, the economic side is for us a result and not the objective! The sustainability is not for us a mere marketing operation. We want our ethic to be a positive resource for the territory and the community.